Hamava Innovation Factory, known also as Hamava, was established through a merger of four companies: Avatech, an accelerator in the ICT area (including. Ava Games Accelerator); Shezan, an accelerator focusing on convergent technologies; Zavie Shared Workspace (provider of co-working spaces); and Nouava (start-ups growth solutions provider). Hamava is currently based in Azadi Innovation Factory, in Tehran.


With over 70 startups in its portfolio (the majority of them brought over from the two accelerators Avatech and Shezan),and in line with its new mission, Hamava has launched two innovation centers in the fields of “FinTech” and “Automotive and Industry Intelligence” in partnership with .renowned and successful organizations in these fields.


About the Azadi Innovation Factory

Azadi Innovation Factory was established by Hamava. Located in the west of Tehran and encompassing an area of 18.500 sqm. , it is one of the largest startup centers in the Middle East and North Africa.

In the summer of 2018, in line with the mission of the Vice President of Science and Technology, the Innovation Factory was elevated to being named a national project. Its subsequent designation as the first branch of the Pardis Technology Park, furthered the aim of creating a full ecosystem.

The geographical location of the Innovation Factory with its easy access to the public transportation network, its proximity to Sharif University of Technology, University of Tehran, and Amirkabir University, as well as to Mehrabad Airport and the Tehran subway station is one of the advantages that make it a convenient locality for students, alumni and entrepreneurs.

برج نوآوری

Azadi Innovation Factory consists of 10 factory warehouses comprising an area of 10,000 square meters. In addition, the over 4,500 sqm of office buildings and service units including state of the art co-working spaces, multiple meeting rooms, conference halls, a gym, restaurants and coffee shops, make it a particularly suitable setting for startups and venture capital firms to flourish.

استفاده از فضای کار اشتراکی

Offering Coworking Spaces

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Fostering Innovative Businesses

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Educational-Experimental Events

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Experience Lab

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Open Innovation

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Venture Building

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Corporate Fund

ادغام و اکتساب

Mergers and Acquisitions

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Corporate Innovation Challenge

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Organizational Empowerment

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Entrepreneurship Events

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Innovation Training Courses